32-404, Myasnikova str.
32-404, Myasnikova str., Minsk

32-404, Myasnikova str., Minsk

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 18 pm

Friday: 9 am- 16.45 pm

Days-off: Saturday, Sunday

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+375 29 321 01 80

Our Goals and Values

We seek to be the leader among leasing companies of the Republic of Belarus, a successful company with a strong team of professionals providing services to our customers better than our competitors do. We are active and prepared for change and this is an integral part of our activities. Our goal is to be a dynamic company with an excellent reputation.

Our Goals:

  • Preserving and strengthening the leading position in the leasing market of the country.
  • Ensuring financial stability by increasing the resource base and preserving the positive dynamics of the economic performance of the Company.
  • Improving the quality of leasing services through the introduction of new business practices, the use of innovation, experience and professional knowledge.

To investors

ASB Leasing Co.Ltd. takes a professional approach to managing its finances and forms an optimum funding structure in terms of its maturity and cost, which guarantees a stable financing of leasing projects. As a first-class borrower, ASB Leasing Co.Ltd. actively cooperates with credit institutions and banks. This allows the Company to raise long-term and short-term resources on the most advantageous conditions for itself and its lessees.

Due to the constant expansion of the customer base and an increase in the number of projects we face the need to raise more capital to finance our leasing activities. We are also looking for cheaper sources of funding to replace the expensive ones. ASB Leasing Co.Ltd. seeks cooperation with direct and portfolio investors in the field of fund raising. We can offer you programs of investment in ASB Leasing Co.Ltd. Investments are tied to specific projects and may be made within the areas of our business.

To lessees

We seek to promote the business of our lessees, increase their financial capacities and helping them in updating and technical upgrading of fixed assets.

To suppliers

We support our partners: suppliers of goods and equipment by increasing the volume of sales of their products by means of leasing.