4-310, Druzhby str
4-310, Druzhby str, Novopolotsk

4-310, Druzhby str, Novopolotsk

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 18 pm

Friday: 9 am- 16.45 pm

Days-off: Saturday, Sunday

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+375 29 195 82 25

About leasing:

Financial leasing  is leasing in which  over the lease term payments (not less than 1 year) provide compensation to the lessor at least 75 % of the contract value of the leased asset, regardless of whether the transaction is completed by of the object leasing purchase by lessee or the returned to the lessor.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Modernization of production without redeployment of funds from turnover
    Reckoning of lease payments to cost price
    Deferred payment – leasing payments are time-expanded
  • Optimization of cash flow by means of its redirect
    Competitive interest rate


21 December 2018
ASB Leasing the most sincere congratulations on Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!
10 July 2018
ASB Leasing and BELGEE offer individuals a new leasing product for the acquisition of GEELY cars in leasing in Belarusian rubles at a rate of 1.5% per annum for up to 5 years without an income statement!
28 June 2018
The main goal is to finance SMEs to purchase property on lease.
08 May 2018
We thank the veterans for the peaceful sky over our heads, for their courage and love for our Country.